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 !  Lawrence J. Clark

For over 20 years, Lawrence J. Clark has delighted audiences all across the United States, performing with bands in Maine, California, and Texas, and with his one-man show consisting of music, poetry, storytelling, and dramatic performances. A gifted and honored songwriter, his songs have been included on compilations published by, Texas Music Magazine, and the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians (HAAM).

Besides performing in traditional performing songwriter venues (solo, as a duo with wife Kristen, and sometimes with a full band) Lawrence also frequently performs and gives assembly programs and poetry readings in public schools and libraries. For more information on these programs, please see his school and library program site.


Visit Lawrence online at:



Entertaining, Humorous, Sensitive
Jinelle Boyd,

In a day where the pop sound or the repetitive beat gets all the attention, Clark has remained true to the lyric. His songs are entertaining, humorous, sensitive, and just plain pretty.


Creative and Interesting

Kathleen Hudson, Executive Director, Texas Heritage Music Society and author of Telling Stories, Writing Songs: An Album of Texas Songwriters

Creative and interesting, this man will draw you into any song he sings. And he tells many stories.




Modern Day Bard
Daniel Capes, The Collegian

All in all, Lawrence J. Clark seems to be a reputable jack-of-all-trades; a modern day bard, able to sing songs, tell tales, and weave within his stories an in-depth knowledge which he freely passes on to those who will listen.




This is a great CD! . . . . makes you feel better!

Robby Barnes, fan review of Beautiful

This is a great CD! There are songs on here that, if you're feeling down, they really pick you up and make you feel better! Lawrence is not only a good singer, but a great songwriter. If you really listen to the lyrics, you will get a lot more out of the songs. I highly recommend "Beautiful" to anyone who appreciates not only good instrumentals, but great lyrics to go along with it!


 !   News

Songs from Lawrence's new "Amazing!" CD win Honorable Mention (top 5 out of all music entries) in the 2009 International Christian Art Competion Competition, featured on Texas CSA Radio!

Although there have always been elements of gospel in Clark's lyrics, he has never before recorded a whole CD in this genre. Well, that has now changed, as Lawrence and his wife/best friend/fellow songwriter Kristen have been busy at Moonhouse Studios in Austin working with producer extraordinaire Chris Gage on an entire CD full of God-inspired songs.

The collaboration with Gage, who also engineered and performed on Clark's previous CD, New Horizon, seems to be a winning combination. "And the Angels Sing," the first cut on the CD, has been awarded Honorable Mention (top 5 out of all music entries) in the 2009 International Art for God Competition, and has been featured, along with "Before You Put Me Down," on Texas CSA Radio!

Listen to the Texas CSA feature here. and a live interview here.


Here are just a few of the comments and reviews that have been received so far:

"We just played your CD, and it is truly amazing! We loved it. Each (song) I heard I thought was my favorite, then I heard the next one and they're all coming in first. The lyrics, the arrangements, the singing… everything. Thumbs up!"

Listening from California



The second CD to grace my desk is from an old friend, Lawrence Clark. WE met in an
academic setting: The Southwest Pop Culture Conference in New Mexico. I quickly
discovered his talent in songwriting and performing (along with the teaching) and invited
him to join our Living History Day team under the songwriters’ tent. He’s a regular,
coming over from Houston each year. Now married to Kristen, he is also branching out
into new areas of music. “Amazing” is his latest CD, one that was produced by Chris
Gage and contains 12 strong gospel, folk and uplifting songs! Two were once recorded
by Ruthie Foster, and the arrangement Lawrence gives to “Death Came a Knockin’” and
“Stayed on Freedom” open up new ways to hear these two songs that were already
favorites of mine!

Kathleen Hudson
"On The Road," Feb. 2009
A Publication of the Texas Heritage Music Foundation



"Just a few lines to tell you again how much I appreciate (The Message) CD. I was listening to it the past two mornings when I was getting dressed - the Lord touches me every time."

Listening from Maine


Lawrence J. Clark defines spiritual folk and wears it deservingly like a soft purple robe. Clark’s servant spirit shines through on this twelve-cut emblem of praise.

Lucky Boyd,


"Just letting you know... I picked up my husband at work. He must have been in a "bad" mood cause as soon as he heard the (Amazing!) CD he said "Oh, I feel better already"! He loves song #10. I wasn't sure how he was going to react but he loved it all. It takes a lot to move him. Thank you. We listened to it 3 times on the way home."

Listening from Houston




Thank you for ministering in our "Connections Coffee House" back in July. Folks are still talking about that night!

Whether you knew it or not you and Kristen set the standard for what we want our coffee house ministry to look like as we execute monthly programs
starting this Saturday night.

Pastor Tim Kezar
New Covenant Baptist Church
North Berwick, Maine



"Just want to say 'thanks' for the wonderful gift of music. (The Amazing) CD is awesome! I had such a great morning – got up early, had coffee and listened to it in the peaceful early hours!"

Listening from Texas



Amazing harmonies compliment the South Austin sound on a heartfelt mix of traditional and contemporary gospel favorites and originals.




Amazing! and other CD's by Lawrence J. Clark can be purchased online from,, and




Some Reviews of The Magic of Mechanics

Cypress, Texas: American Mutt Press, 2006. soft cover, 62 pages ISBN 0-9764591-0-8

Come along as you discover the journey of a songwriter evolving into that which he now has become. Poetry, song lyrics, and stories of insight that lift the heart and help you understand the real LJC.

Lawrence originally hails from Maine, but he’s made his way on down. Here in his poems, songs, and short narrative, you’ll explore his doings – his admiration of his home life, his teenage awe, his loves, his shock over injustice, his quandaries over the poetical experience. He overcomes his education and writes in accessible lines of common human events. Some is raw and naked, others laden beneath sweet nostalgia.

In his prose he notes his reason for writing and that is to reach people’s hearts and souls. He certainly finds mine as he writes about his first newspaper route.

Will Howard, Texas Bookshelf


Fans of his one-man show enjoy Clark's intelligent, poignant and humorous lyrics, as well as his musical talent and ability to captivate an audience.


New Horizon receives critical acclaim

New Horizon has created quite a buzz for the Maine native who, after several years gracingthe Austin songwriter scene, now divides his time between homes in Houston, Texas and Tijeras, New Mexico.

An eclectic mix of "Americana" music, the project showcases Clark's songwriting talents in several genres, including contemporary folk, blues, and "Texified" folk-rock. Clark receives a little help on the project from several Texas music luminaries, including Christine Albert and Grammy nominee Ruthie Foster on harmony vocals, Chris Gage on guitar and piano, and Gene Elders on fiddle.

Cuts from the album have appeared on compilations published by, Texas Music Magazine, and the Houston Association of Acoustic Musicians (HAAM), which have been distributed to over 30,000 Texas music fans, DJs, and media outlets. Several tracks have become popular downloads with online music services such as iTunes and Rhapsody. says:

Clark’s sophomore project is a maturation of his vast talents. The stories keep coming, as in the maternal remembrance “Baby, Don’t You Cry” and the Vietnam era double entendre “I Just Wanna Fly.” This disc is well orchestrated and superbly arranged, especially the horns on “Who Sings The Blues.” Lawrence J. Clark is a songwriter for the baby boomer in all of us, as he reminds us of how things were, tells us how things get, and warns us of how things are going to be.

New Horizon is a wonderful collection of true songs, all of them based on experiences you can relate to. After listening, you’ll feel good about yourself, knowing that you’re not alone with your observations of how twisted it can get. Ever feel disconnected? Check this lyric: “…feelin’ ‘bout as connected as a frog on a log in the middle of a dry creek in the middle of a burned out prairie…”

Lawrence J. Clark's voice is full and soothing, and the music for his lyrics is always fitting. An excellent live performer, Austin's Lawrence J. Clark will help round out any serious Texas music collection.


Will Howard of Texana Bookshelf says:

The songs track Clark’s life from his 1960’s childhood onward. Figuring out life, leaving this crazy world behind, reminiscing mother love, cold cities, sunsets, the Blues, things “Gone with the Wind,” and new horizons are among the dozen offerings.

Softly sung lyrics and melodious sounds drift above the more vivid emotions, some joy, some sorrow, some loves, and some losses. This Doctor of English from TAMU strikes a different chord from the usual expectations of Aggieland.

He’ll read his poetry, fiction, and songs – and motivate you. He also enjoys workshops for students, young or old. He may be preparing a 4th CD, one of gospel roots where he’ll continue “laying the hard things aside.”


New Horizon and other CD's by Lawrence J. Clark can be purchased online from, and

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